A domain name is defined as an IP address, which tells about your website. It should be unique and relevant to the category of your web portal. No matter what type of web portal you are making with the help of professional web designers and developers; the domain name should be matched to your products and services. For example: if you have a website of e-commerce then the domain name of your website should be according to the given products. You can choose any domain name such as .com, .net, .org, or other domain names with a country code like .in, .ca, .uk which assists the place and audience of the website.

All the websites that have domain name that uses an IP address to access the website. The domain name should be simple and short, so that everyone can remember that name of your website and he/she can easily visit your web portal. You can do your domain name registration from WDL Web Services Company in Ludhiana. We help you in choosing right domain name for your website that will suit with your business. The person or company that registers domain name is known as domain name registrant. Domain name like .com is frequently used by commercial web portals while .org is used by non-profit companies.

Anybody can make their domain name registration in Ludhiana. You can buy the unique domain name for your web portal or blog. At the time of accessing the website, the domain name is actually changed into an IP address, which tells about the server where the website is placed. This translation is executed dynamically by a server which is known as DNS (Domain Name Server).