Mobile Website Designing team at WDL Web Services is passionate about making top-notch mobile sites for their clients. Nowadays, more and more people are switching on their smartphones to surf internet on daily basis. Seeing this trend, companies are getting their websites designed, especially for mobile phones. It is very important to have a complete new approach of your website design for mobile phones because of their functioning differently from computers.

Different types of Visuals in mobile internet browser-
  • First one is; normal website. It needs to zoom or enlarge the website to read the content easily. It becomes as barrier in website's success on mobile phones as it often looks annoying to keep on zooming all the time.
  • Second one is; mobile website. It is the kind of website that is specially designed for mobile phones only. One escapes the hassle of zooming and out to read the contents. These websites are optimized in special way so they can be easily accessible on the mobile phones.

The concepts and working of designing website for mobiles and ordinary website are fairly different. First is the size of web-pages for mobile website is the most important thing to keep in mind. The reason for it is; screen sizes of computers and mobiles as it differ in various aspects. Hence, it is very important to hire professionals to get a mobile website designed that would accommodate well with in smaller area of mobile screen.

Second is the content on mobile website. It is should be carefully placed, so that it would be visible clearly to website user after opening it on the mobile phone.

Third is the loading time. If website is too heavy and takes lot of time to load on mobile phones, it certainly will annoy the user, which will make negative impact upon website's reputation and name.