Web designing is the process of making attractive website using different types of technologies. It is an art of arranging images, videos, graphics design, animation facts, content production and webpage layout as well as implementing them. It is used as a general term to express any of the several tasks involved in building the different web pages of a website. In simpler words, it refers to works focused on creating the front-end of a web page. The web consist of countless pages, presenting information online using various kinds of technologies and providing the linked together with hyperlinks.

Benefits of Web Designing:
  • Attractive Designing + More Visitors = More profits
  • Less errors and cross browser compatibility
  • Decreases the maintenance time
  • Search engine friendly
  • Better designing increases the popularity of your company
  • Easy-to-navigate for the visitors
  • Helps visitors to explore about the business
  • Ready room for easy development
  • Helping in building the brand

To make the web designing more attractive and unique than other websites, Universal-Web Company in Ludhiana always uses the professional technology. We use HTML5 (Hypertext Markup Language), CSS3 (Cascading Style Sheets) to give different styles to the web page and to make all the web pages appealing and eye-caching. HTML5 allows the designing of web applications to adjust automatically on several small screen devices. This feature is mainly known as responsive design where you will observe the whole content of the website shifting and adjusting on an iPad, iPhone or on other mobile phone devices. In addition, we use CorelDraw and Adobe Photoshop software to create many types of image designs for your website as well as, we use Dreamweaver software and JQuery language to provide the animation facts and JavaScript for menus. We are expert in designing the website using different kinds of logos and banners as per the needs of clients' project.